Sunday, October 21, 2007

First Weekend of Rocky

We had a wonderful opening weekend for The Rocky Horror Show. Saturday Night we SOLD OUT! The Audience was very into the show and as a result the cast responded with such energy It made for a great show. I was really happy with the result- the things that were wrong were so minor, I'm probably the only one who knows that there was a problem. All the technical issues are being ironed out so I'm looking forward to next weekend to see it go to the next level.

I'm going to have Rocky withdrawal this week - I actually might have some free time!

10-20-2007 The Rocky Horror Show Opening Night
10-18-2007 Preview of Rocky Horror
10-17-2007 Rocky Horror all Dressed!
10-17-2007 Rocky Locked and Loaded
10-14-2007 Rocky Load In
09-23-2007 Trouble in Threes
09-14-2007 Oh Rocky!
09-04-2007 Update on Rocky Horror
07-31-2007 References in Science Fiction Double Feature
06-20-2007 In Search of Frank'n'Furter
06-07-2007 Rocky Auditions day 3 and Callbacks
Second Night of Rocky Auditions
06-01-2007 First Night of Rocky Auditions
04-21-2007 The Rocky Horror Show - Auditions!

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