Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Update on Rocky Horror

Rocky Horror has been keeping me busy - attending rehearsals, running errands and helping to problem solve is how I have been spending my days - in addition to learning a new role, that of "Mama"

Rocky has been ... for lack of a better term a little rocky. We've had a few key players drop out, so we've been doing a lot of problem solving, and I think the result is that we have a really fantastic cast - not the original vision for the show, but I think the resulting show will be great regardless. We have an amazing cast - people who learned their harmonies back in June/July and have never slipped even though we haven't really reviewed the music until recently.

The show sounds great, and we're starting to rough run the show. With the time remaining, the show will start to look wonderful also. I'm enjoying seeing how the production side of a show works - I've learned a lot. I'll share when I have some time to reflect and write up something coherent.

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kat said...

I'm excited to see the final product. You have a great group of people - dedicated people who LOVE the show they are involved in come what may.

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