Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Rocky Horror Locked and Loaded

So Load in for Rocky Horror on Sunday went well - I think it's the quickest I've ever seen a set go together. We even got a coat or two of paint on the set that night. I've decided I'm not the best at painting - It seems like such an easy thing, but I just lack the skill necessary to be good at it. Perhaps it is that I lack the patience to be good at it.

At any rate, tech week has been going really well so far. We had our Cue-to-Cue on Monday (getting all of our tech crew up to speed on what has to happen and when) and Tuesday was our first tech run - again minor adjustments, the lighting and sound is really starting to fall into place. Not that we were error free (we had some interesting costume issues, and flubs) and had to make some adjustments, but that's what tech week is all about. Making all the little details work together.

The Band sounds awesome (they were rehearsing on Monday night), the costumes look great (and hopefully we won't have any more wardrobe malfunctions) and all the vocal and acting things are all starting to click. What used to be a bunch of people rehearsing a show has moved to that next level of interacting and working as a team. All we need is an audience. I'm so happy with the progress we've made, and the way everything is translating to the stage with sets and costumes.

Makeup is added tonight! I think it will complete the look of the show. Tonight should be a full dress rehearsal and then tomorrow we have a preview. Opening night is Friday!

Don't forget to get your tickets (Please note that Rocky is for mature audiences, as there is explicit material in the show) Tickets will also be available at the door, but reserve your seats now to be assured you don't miss out! Tickets prices are: Adults: $18.00 - Seniors/Students: $13.00

The Rocky Horror Show will be at the Cunneen Hackett Arts Center, 9 & 12 Vassar Street, Poughkeepsie.

The Rocky Horror Show
FridayOctober 19 - 8:00pm
SaturdayOctober 20 - 8:00pm
SundayOctober 21 - 3:00pm
FridayOctober 26 - 8:00pm
SaturdayOctober 27 - 4:00pm
SaturdayOctober 27 - midnight

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