Sunday, October 14, 2007

Rocky Load In

Well it's the big day. We're loading in Rocky this afternoon. The set is in my basement waiting for the hands that will transport it to the theater. Thanks again to my Dad for putting it all together. Daddy, you're the best!

Load in is the start of tech week. It's when we'll find out what our lighting will look like, hear our sound effects, get our actors all set with microphones and costumes and makeup. We've been working with our props for a while now, but here's where all the details come together. It's going to be a tough week, but one that will ultimately be rewarding with the preview (thursday night) and our Opening Friday night.

It will be a week of late nights, adjustments and stress. But it ends with the thrill of opening. If you haven't gotten your tickets yet .... Trinity Players Website.

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kat said...

How did load in go?

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