Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Oliver Project Tonight

Tonight a number of the cast members got together and recorded a song ... and made a video for the Gala Thursday. There are still tickets available ... details here

It was an original song that Herman wrote but the whole process reminded me a lot of 'We are the World' (for those of you old enough to remember it - if not, check it out here) It was a beautiful experience we learned the song, then performed it a number of times as both the vocal recording and the video was created. I'm excited to see the finished product Thursday (hopefully I'll be able to sneak a peak while getting ready for the show). I hear a number of interesting people are getting involved, so Thursday should be an exciting evening.

10-15-06 Another Solid Weekend of Oliver!
10-7-06 Opening Night of Oliver!
10-6-06 Oliver! Opens Tonight
9-29-06 The Oliver Project - Gala Event October 19, 2006
9-28-06 The Oliver! Project - Local Social Conscientious Theater
9-28-06 Socially Conscientious Theater

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