Monday, November 14, 2005

Theater Auditions

This weekend was an unusual one as I went to two auditions. I should say "we" went to two auditions, since I was accompanied by my sister, Gale, to both. No matter how many auditions I go to there is always the uncertainty and the feeling of an interview. However, once I get there, I do enjoy them. I love to read the script and get a chance to sing. It's been about a year an a half since my last show, so it's been a long while ... Too long.

The first audition was on Saturday, for the musical Fiddler on the Roof, a wonderful musical that is currently running on Broadway in it's Fourth revival. There was an impressive showing at auditions, a lot of familiar faces. Pianist didn't make it on time, so I sang Matchmaker, reasonably well, a cappella and had an opportunity to read for Yente. Gale sang far from the home I love and read as well. Show is being produced by up in one productions.

The second Audition we went to was last night. It was for Proof at County Players in Wappingers. It's a four person drama, I read for the older sister Claire, Gale read for Catherine, the younger sister, and main character. A lot of people came out for auditions, I would guess there was about 30 women (for two parts) and about 12 men (for two parts). Unfortunately we didn't make the cut, but there's always next time.

Now we're waiting for a response for Fiddler. Waiting is the hard part.

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Gale said...

I think for Proof it was a combination of Reasons #1 & #3...

But hey, that's just me ;o)

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