Sunday, November 13, 2005

Live Theater Performances

Theater is an interesting medium, it is so different from what most people are used to - just sitting there in front of a screen during a movie or a TV show. It's an opportunity to influence what's happening on stage. Influence you say? But how? I'll explain, I think performances should start with a simple announcement in addition to usual ones about cell phones, beepers and emergency exits.

Imagine if you will ... A person enters the theater, the audience grows quiet, then that person begins to speak. "Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to the theater. There are a number of Actors waiting backstage to meet you, but before we start I want to let you in on a little secret. Live theater is a two way street! We will perform for you, but you need to respond to us, Applaud, Laugh, Guffaw, Clap, Cry, Cackle! By reacting to what we are doing on stage, you will receive a much better show. Thank you" Person Exits stage left

It's hard being on stage when the audience doesn't respond to the world you are creating.

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Gale said...

No one understands this concept better than an actor that's suffered through a "bad audience"... Last Saturday I performed in a short musical show. It was an open house; a "behind the scenes" show. "This is the cast getting ready for the show!" "Yes, and this is Gale putting on her shoes." "Here is the cast warming up." Perhaps someone should have made Erica's suggested announcement- "This is where you're supposed to respond to the actors and interact with them!" Singing sentimental classics from shows no one remembers, surrounded by friends, looking out at a bunch of blank faces... there's no feeling quite like it.

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