Thursday, May 07, 2009

Tech Week, General Overview

For those of you who have never experienced a tech week, we gradually add complexity until the whole show is together. For Example:

Day 1: Set Pieces and Props start getting used. Answer the questions of where the set pieces go, when they get moved and by who. Props get set in specific places and actors start getting used to location and the actual use of the set pieces and props ... doors opening, height of chairs, couches & benches ... and fixing any blocking issues that arise from these additions. Technically make sure sound cues, music cues, and lighting elements are getting into place. Often this is just done as a "cue to cue" meaning, only the tranitions run (generally the start and end of scenes) so that the various cues get worked out.

Day 2: Add in additional props or missing items from the day before. Replacements for things that aren't working the way they should or overlooked items are often added. This is generally a full run with props and set transitions. Lighting is often added in at this point.

Day 3: Add in Costume changes - also known as a Dress Rehersal

Day 4: Add in Hair and Makeup in addition to everything above. Continue to work out any technical issues and transitions to make things flow as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.

Then it's time to open the show. On Broadway and in professional theater there is often previews - for several weeks and tech weeks instead of just one week to work everything out.


magickat said...

very exciting! i wish i could make the show but i am not in the area during the dates. best of luck to cast and crew!!!

Erica said...

Thanks Kat, wish you could make it, but understand how busy you are!

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