Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Sound of Music - Tech Week, day 3

Tech Week, Day 3 has been completed for The Sound of Music. It's going so quickly, yet slowly at times as well. Tonight we did our first Dress Rehersal with everyone in costumes - or nearly everyone. (Mine is still being made as we speak) there were other exceptions a well. It went well with only a few mishaps.

The Von Trap Children have a difficult tranition at the very end for the festival scene a couple of people were late on entrances due to dressing issues, but we'll finish ironing that out tonight. It sounds wonderful - and is flowing pretty smoothly. There's still things to fix, but the majority of items have been checked off.

I'm working backstage as this point, as Maria's Dresser - helping her manage her (many! and some difficult) costume changes. I've created a checklist of what-change-in-which-wing so I know where to be and what costume to have ready. I'm also helping move set pieces so that's on my "Cheat Sheet" as well. We had a small mishap ourselves as we started a cosume change too early, and ended up having to reverse it ... so Maria could get back onstage. Her dress was inside out and she didn't have shoes on ... oops!

But the parts I was able to watch are lovely. I think the end result will be spectacular.

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