Sunday, December 16, 2007

7 Things Theater Groups Should Do to market themselves

There are 5 easy things Local theater groups should do to market themselves and their shows but generally don't. Why? I'm not sure - lack of time, money or the knowledge of how to do it, I would guess.

5) Give as well as take, community spirit only takes goodwill, and communication. Leverage word of mouth advertising by treating everyone within your organization with respect. This includes your show crew, your actors and your patrons. If they are excited about your show they will talk about it. Conversely if you treat any of the above persons badly, they will talk about it also. It won't take long for everyone to know that a particular Group/Director/etc. is difficult to work with or doesn't seem to appreciate their supporters.

4) Don't be afraid to try new things - Try social media, Myspace and facebook as well as dozens of other sites are easy to use and a good way to communicate with people. Plus many of your younger patrons and members may already be there.

3) Become active in the online community - Find out where the local thespians talk online, or create a space or group to discuss theater issues. Collective intelligence is a good way to problem solve.

2) If you have subscribers, communicate with them. Tell them your plans, ideas or ask for help, these are the people already interested in your organization, especially if they've given out an email or address - leverage and build on that relationship. These are the people already enthusiastic about you, build on that.

1) Have a website. How are people going to find out about your group and productions if you don't have a site to talk about who you are? One note though, better make your site easy to use - and update frequently. If it's hard to use or doesn't ever seem to change, it's as bad as not having a site.

Have something to add? Feel free to leave it in the comments - this is something I'd love to revisit and add to!


Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...

Happy New Year, Erica! Hope the few posts over the last few weeks means that you're busy in a good way!

Erica said...

Very busy. Thanks for asking! Between the holidays, the baby and everything else ...

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