Friday, October 12, 2007

Review of Golden Stone Productions Suessical

So tonight, as I had hoped, I was able to get to the opening of Golden Stone Production's Suessical. It wasn't the actual first performance, as they played to a full house yesterday during the day - 500 very excited students got to see this amazing production. Their artwork as thanks for the performance adorned several folding screens in the lobby.

The show was fabulous.

The actors sang beautifully, danced with stylistic flair that fit the show. The whole ensemble was top notch. I enjoyed especially the performances of Thomas Netter as JoJo who brought such energy and his powerful voice to the role. Kevin Archambault as The Cat in the Hat was wonderfully quirky - he was a joy to watch, with some wonderful physical movements that created a bridge between the Cat as a cartoon and a live actor - it was believable and seamless.

Lindsay Michaels (who you may remember I found amazing in Millie) has reached new heights in her role as Gertrude McFuzz. Also amazing was the strong performance of Amanda Quigley as Mayzie La Bird. Sour Kangaroo played by Annchris Warren was especially delightful - loved the young kangaroo too .... Also of note was two wonderful groups of actors - the belting, dancing, feathered bird girls, and the fun-loving, acrobatic Wickersham Brothers.

The set was beautifully designed, with no space wasted. It was full of rich detail, with pieces that helped transform it from place to place with minimal fuss and a great flow. There was no down time between scenes it flowed like and elaborate dance - pieces came on and off with no movement wasted. Truly elegant and a pleasure to watch.

Musically the band was wonderful - I expected nothing less from a musical director powerhouse like Liz Gerbi. Sound effects were perfect so seamless you almost don't notice them. There was a little trouble with the sound system, but it was quickly fixed and the actors handled the snafu with professional flair.

Lighting set the mood perfectly - to great effect. There was a little difficulty it seemed with the spotlight at times, but other then that, very nice.

Costumes and Props had to be one of my favorite details of the show. Color was used to an amazing effect. Each setting or world had a different color scheme which was both distinct yet worked well within the rest of the show. Costume changes appeared minimal with lots of wonderful layering of items to create the desired effect. I especially liked the carnival cats. Props were great, as was the set dressing. Lots of wonderfully rich details arranged in a manner that was deceitfully simple looking.

Overall I can recommend seeing the show, with or without children. It would be a wonderful production to bring children to, full of imagination and beloved Dr. Suess characters. It also is a wonderful escape to the land of make believe for adults. A great way to introduce children to live theater, inspire reading and remind us about the magic that exists in the everyday world.

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