Saturday, June 16, 2007

Teacher of Student's Iraq play Job in Jeopardy

One of my favorite theater bloggers is making a plea to help the teacher of the students who performed in Voices in Conflict, who's job now may be in Jeopardy.

I just want to second and further publicize Alisa Solomon's plea in last post's Comments to speak up for the rights of Bonnie Dickinson, the teacher at Wilton High School in Connecticut, who shepherded her class in the "Voices in Conflict" docu-drama project consisting of testimony from soldiers in Iraq.

Solomon saw the show and heard in the talkback that despite the show's success both at home and now in some command performances downtown, Dickinson is still being threatened with suspension.

Isn't School and Theater supposed to be educational? Help young people discover the world around them? Encourage them to care about what is going on in the world?

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kat said...

The world - specifically the US - is becoming too fucking senstive.
People need to stop being so PC and less pathetic. They need to be more open to expression and stop being so literal. It isn't healthy for the young people coming up today to have such censored presentations.... it leads to censored thoughts which leads to censored expression which COMPLETELY CONTRADICTS the idea of thought and expression and art!!!!

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