Saturday, June 16, 2007

Connecticut Student Play in NYC

Not only did the students who had their show canceled allowed to finally stage their show, but they also got to take it on the road for an off-Broadway premiere!

Backstage at the Vineyard Theater, Taylor Telyan, 18, was bent over an ironing board, ironing her hair. A few feet away, her friend and castmate Tara Ross, also18, was applying makeup; outside their door, a couple of boys were sacked out on a couch, studying notes in binders. They had 35 minutes until their Off Broadway debut.

“The fact that New York City wanted to see our show, I was just blown away,” said Erin Clancy, 18, another castmate.

“It’s been so surreal,” added Michael Ward, 17. “There are actors who spend their entire lives getting here.”

They are all Connecticut high school students and performers in “Voices in Conflict,” a 45-minute show that caused more than three months of controversy. The result is a kind of victory march through three prestigious New York theaters that culminates Friday night at the Public Theater. (more)

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