Saturday, December 16, 2006

Interactive Theater

One of the bloggers I read regularly had a wonderful post discussing the place technology and interactivity and it's place in the theater. The post was a while ago, but I thought it was interesting - I'd love to put together my own thoughts on the subject when I get some time.

"Interactivity for the Future...

As I promised yesterday, I have a couple ideas about the direction things could go in terms of interactivity in the arts. As I had said, I think the format and perhaps physical environment in which new events might happen will have to change. I can see them happening in smaller theatres, but it is difficult to have a really interactive event in a huge hall seating 2400 people.

A couple years ago I did an entry where I imagined at one time we would be able to plug in and experience a performance from the point of view of the performer. Among the many alluring benefits might be experiencing the performance opposite an attractive romantic lead whereby you saw yourself being kissed by the person." I encourage you to read the rest of this interesting post

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