Sunday, August 20, 2006

Theater in the Catskills

An interesting Bit about Theater and one of the old vacation resorts in the Catskill Mountains of New York (remember Dirty Dancing?) It looks like a group is going to try and revamp the camp to provide a space for theater troupes retreats.

From the NYTimes:

"AT Sugar Maples, a derelict summer resort perched here atop the northern Catskills, the Olympic-size swimming pool has been filled with concrete, and the roller skating rink has fallen into grave disrepair. Waist-high weeds obscure the ball fields. Roofs list, and doors dangle on their hinges. But in this dilapidated holiday spot, a new arts group, the Orchard Project, sees a warm-weather retreat for innovative theater artists. While other residencies, like the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center, are devoted to playwrights only or playwright-director teams, the Orchard Project will try to serve entire companies who create work collaboratively."

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