Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Monday and Tuesday Rehearsals

Yesterday rehearsals went well - I was double booked - Grease rehearsal was from 7-11 and Oliver was 8:30 - 11. I wasn't finished with my parts in Grease until 9:30 but fortunately Oliver was running late also.

Grease is going really well - I think it will be very good. We have such a talented and fun cast - I'm really enjoying getting to know everyone. I'm starting to get comfortable in my role and am getting close to getting it word perfect. Good thing since we open in 17 days. Yikes!

Oliver we worked on 'Consider Yourself' working on the choreography and the music. It's really cute - I'm really excited to see how the show progresses and comes together. In my spare time I'm working on my cockney accent and songs for the show.

Tonight I just had Grease rehearsal but since I carpooled with my Dad I needed to leave at 10:00 and at that time, we hadn't even gotten to act II yet. So I got to do my Act I scenes but not my Act II ones.

I'm off tomorrow from everything - except maybe voice lessons, but I need to call tomorrow and confirm. Otherwise I've got something every other night this week. Busy, but loving it.

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