Monday, July 17, 2006

A Chorus Line

A Chorus Line is being revived! There are several interesting angles to this. The first is that they are planning on keeping it set in the 70's - Link to the official site here. The second, and what I find most interesting is how they are blogging - read the blog entries here on

This is another example of how social computing is promoting the theater. You may recall this post on Internet Marketing and Broadway. I think community theaters and community theater groups need to sit up and take notice. Online Marketing is cost effective, easy to do (for the most part) and effective!

Of course, just speaking for the theaters and groups in my area, many of them could benefit by just having some sort of an internet presence, and keeping the information on it up to date. Email lists could send information both to interested volunteers and patrons of your group. There is so much that could be done, and most of it pretty easy. I'm firm in my belief that this would be an excellent avenue for community theaters and community theater groups to explore.

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I'm glad they are keeping "A Chorus Line" set in the 70s. There's something in the charm of the show that would be lost if it were "modernized"... I don't know quite how to explain it.

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