Friday, June 16, 2006

Musical Responsibilities

One of the hardest parts of being involved in community theatre productions is the sheer number of hours it takes to put together a show. Everyone in the cast needs to be completely on top of everything, or rehearsals can take forever. One of the most important elements is getting everyone together at the same time. Everyone has work, school, or both, not to mention normal life. Even running a few minutes late can cause major disruption to a rehearsal, so with the excitement of being in show comes the responsibility to everyone else involved.

Music Man is heading into 'crunch' zone. Opening Night is only 12 days away, so the pressure is on, and the demands on our time increasing. Rehearsals are almost every day of the week, and the stress level has increased. You may ask, What motivation is there to do community theatre if it's all work?

This part of the process is also the most magical. Magic in how everything that has been bits and pieces comes together. How these pages and pages of script and music become people that sing and dance and live. It balances out the work and stress with fun, and the joy of seeing the show come to life. I'm really excited about how the show is coming together - we still have work to do, but we have the time to do it.

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kat said...

I can't to see the show AND to see you in it! I faxed the flyer from The Center: "Love Musicals? Got 5!" to about 15 places today. Hopefully that helps get some ticket bites. Looking forward to your production...

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