Sunday, June 11, 2006

A Little Night Music: Mid Hudson Valley Theater Review

Gale and I ushered at the Rhinebeck Performing Art Center yesterday afternoon, the people we seated were charming for the most part.

The performance was a Gilbert & Sullivan Production of A Little Night Music. It was delightful, charming, and sarcastic. In other words a perfect Sondheim Musical! The songs were performed beautifully, the costumes divine. The lighting was a little dim at times, and some of the blocking made it hard to see what was going on (so if you go request seats as close to center as you can get - we were as far right as you can get, in the very last row) My only real major complaint is that some of the line were too low to hear at times. Other then the volume, the show was delightful - a interesting look at the human condition, emotions, and love. The show is geared more towards adults.

The Musical tells the story of a lawyer, Fredrik Egerman, who is married to a very young wife, Anne, who, despite the fact that they have been married 11 months, is still a virgin. He sees an old flame, Desiree Armfeldt, who is appearing in a popular play, and his romantic interest in her is rekindled. However, she is having an affair with a jealous, and married, military man, Count Carl-Magnus Malcolm. Complicating matters is Egerman's son, Henrik, a divinity student who is in love with his stepmother. The play culminates in a weekend at the country estate of Desiree's mother, Madame Leonora Armfeldt, who is looking after Desiree's daughter, Fredrika, while Desiree is on tour. Read more here ... warning spoiler alert ...

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Kat said...

I just found your blog and I LOVE it. I am also involved at The Center, in Chicago. I wonder if we know each other?

I am going to see A Little Night Music next week and am looking forward to it. Sondheim is my favorite and I know the woman playing Petra so it's a double treat.

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