Sunday, June 04, 2006

Corteo Review - an Incredible Experience

"Corteo" is the Italian word for a funeral procession; it's the premise of the story that pulls all the numbers together in this latest addition to the Cirque du Soleil portfolio. The death of a clown prompts this procession, and the various tumblers, jugglers and acrobats are the memories and colleagues of the departed performer.

No it's not theater exactly, but it's not exactly a circus either. What is it? Enthralling, Fascinating, Entertaining. It has beautiful (and very functional) costumes. Technically complex, with many characters being floated across the stage. Highwire walkers, acrobats, and other athletes performing in a stream of amazing and complex acts.

Corteo is playing on Randel's Inland in NYC until July 2, 2006. Is it expensive? a little, yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely. Visit the Official Site

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