Monday, May 29, 2006

Witness for the Prosecution - Mid Hudson Valley Theater Review

Yesterday I ushered at the Rhinebeck Performing Arts Center - it's been a while, but it was good to see a show. CENTERStage Productions put on Agatha Christie's Witness for the Prosecution. It was a typical Agatha Christie story with Murder, Motives and lots of plot twists. Although it was a long show 2:40 running time, three acts with two intermissions, the show was fantastic and the time just flew!

Some of the roles were double cast, and were handled so well that it was hard to tell. Many familiar faces were onstage: Linda Roper, Michael Brooks, Joe Felice to name a few. There was also a local radio personality, Kimberly Kay, who did a wonderful job. Bravo to the whole cast a crew.

Witness for the Prosecution is the story of Sir Wilfred, a master criminal barrister who takes the case of a man on trial for murder. While he expects that the defendant's wife will stand up for him in court, she unexpectedly agrees to appear for the prosecution in a trial while multiple twists and turns occur that will test the lawyer's skill to the limit. The play itself was based on one of Christie's short stories, first published in 1933 in the collection The Hound of Death.

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