Sunday, April 23, 2006

Threepenny Opera Review Roundup

So what do the reviews have to say about threepenny?

NYTimes "AND you thought those crazy, hazy nights when Studio 54 sizzled were strictly a thing of the past. Think again, disco boys and girls. Why right now - on the very spot where Halston, Liza, Bianca and Andy once held sybaritic court - you can watch the same kinds of revels they might have witnessed in the 1970's, thanks to the shrill, numbing revival of "The Threepenny Opera" that opened at the theater at Studio 54 last night."

Rob Kendt ( "Ouch! Broadway's new Threepenny Opera hurts—the eyes, the brain, and, at close to three hours, the ass. It's not so hard on the ears, as music director Kevin Stites makes Kurt Weill's prickly neo-classical score glitter and glare. But director Scott Elliott, using a showily crude and oddly spliced new translation by playwright Wallace Shawn, has turned Bertolt Brecht's 1928 play, about petit-bourgeois capitalists whose trades happen to be murder, fraud, and prostitution, into a dull hodgepodge of unfunny comedy sketches, and he's dressed it in the Alan Cumming & Cyndi Lauperin The Threepenny Operasemi-contemporary drag of Isaac Mizrahi's pointedly ugly costumes."

Ouch is right - some pretty harsh reviews.

4-9-06 ThreePenny Opera Revival

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