Sunday, April 09, 2006

Broadway Threepenny Opera Revival

Today in the NYTimes, there is a discussion on the costuming for the new revival of Threepenny Opera and bits and pieces about the show. I saw a local production of the show, and it is a interesting look into human nature. Most exciting about this revival is the casting of Alan Cummings (cabaret, Annie) as Mack the Knife.

One of the most well known songs from the show is "Mack the Knife", made famous by Bobby Darin. Undoubtedly you've heard this number, as it seems to be a favorite at karaoke nights - although it is usually not performed well.

In the Threepenny Opera, MacHeath (Mack the Knife) marries Polly Peachum. This displeases her father, Jonathan Peachum, who controls the beggars of London, and he endeavors to have MacHeath hanged. This is somewhat complicated by the fact that the chief of police, Tiger Brown, is an old friend of MacHeath's. Peachum exerts considerable political influence, and eventually MacHeath is arrested and imprisoned, escapes, then imprisoned once more. At the point of execution, in an unrestrained parody of a happy ending, a hard-riding messenger from the Queen dramatically arrives at the last minute, and MacHeath is pardoned and given a baronetcy.

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