Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Federal Funding Cuts Effects Deaf Theater Troups

In the NY times: Funding Cut for Deaf Theater Troups
Several deaf-theater groups are struggling to stay afloat after the federal
government mysteriously cut funds for cultural programs for the deaf around the
country 16 months ago.

Officials at the Department of Education, which administered a the program
that distributed some $2 million a year in grants, said they did not see the
change coming and did not know who in Congress had ordered the cut in December
2004. "All we know is that we no longer have the authority" to award those
grants, said Lou Danielson, the research director for the Office of Special
Education Programs.

It's a shame that continuing funding for the arts is such a low priority for politicians. Theater enriches and educates, giving people a different perspective on life and opening people to new ideas. Unfortunately, Theater is usually the first thing to loose funding. I hope the groups will be successful in finding other funding.

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