Saturday, April 08, 2006

DCC -Dark of Moon - Review

Dutchess Community College Performing Arts Program's "Dark of the Moon." was reviewed in the Poughkeepsie Journal yesterday. DCC is my old alma matter and one of my old professors is Directing. It sounds like a great production. Show is performed tonight at 8PM and Sunday at 2 PM.

"The play follows the legend of Barbara Allen's love affair with a witch boy who desires to be human. The residents of Buck Creek, a small Appalachian town in North Carolina, are afraid of witches and interfere with the lovers' happiness. The title refers to a stage in the lunar cycle that was believed to be an optimum time for witchery and mischief."

"Dark of the Moon" premiered on Broadway in 1945.

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badgerbob said...

Aren't male witches called warlocks?

Erica said...

So I went and looked into the question - It depends on which witch mythology you refer to:

Sometimes Male witches are referred to as either wizards or warlocks.

In Africa: Witch Doctors typically are male.

In Lord of the Rings: There is the Witch-king of Angmar, definitely male.

And then a comics character:
from DC comic - Klarion the witch boy again male.

So I think you could argue it either way.

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