Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Women: The last few Months

Well, I've been busy. "The Women" is in tech week, so I don't even have much time now to put all my thoughts together.

The rehearsal process went well, other then juggling all the many conflicts modern life causes. We had two cast members drop the show two weeks ago, but that was quickly covered - by existing members of the cast and a few new faces. A little stressful, but I'm pleased with how well everyone is pulling together and getting it done.

The set is coming together, as is the set dressings, the furniture and the costumes (the costumes are beautiful) We have so many talented people in the cast, they are amazing also. There's been some bumps, of course, but I'm confident the pieces will all come together.

Tonight's rehearsal was smoother then Monday & Tuesday in so many ways technically, but the wear of exhaustion is starting to show with the cast. We finished early - as we needed to work on set and furniture pieces - so I've got my fingers crossed the cast will get some rest and will be refreshed and ready to go tomorrow night.

I'm running sound for this run - we have some fun sounds, although it can be a challenge to take notes for my actors, hit the sound cues and respond to questions all at the same time. Performances will be easier as both questions and notes will not be as intensive. To quote Cole Porter "you cross your fingers and hold your heart ... another opnin'n of another show!"

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