Monday, July 20, 2009

Auditions: The Women

I'm very excited about my next project - Clare Luce's The Women. It is witty, brutally honest, and direct. I love it. Auditions are coming up and I hope to see everyone there!

Auditions for 90 Miles off Broadway's Fall Production, "The Woman" directed by Philip Corso, will be held in the Social Hall of The New Paltz Reformed Church on:

July 31, 2009 7pm - Open auditions
August 1, 2009 2-4pm - Open auditions
August 2, 2009 2-4pm - Call Backs & Auditions by appointment only
Show dates November 6, 7, 8, 13, 14 & 15 2009

Synopsis: The Women, a comedy by Clare Boothe Luce, is set in the world of high society wives in New York City during the height of the Great Depression. Mary Haines, the protagonist, learns from a gossipy manicurist that her husband, Stephen, is having an affair with a shop-girl named Crystal. After the news of Stephen's affair is published in a gossip column, Mary decides to divorce him. To obtain her divorce, she travels to Reno, Nevada, where liberal divorce laws attracted many society women wishing to downplay any potential for scandal. While she is in Reno, Mary learns that Stephen has married Crystal. Two years later, Mary, now living back in New York with her children, learns that Crystal has been unfaithful to Stephen. With the help of her friends, Mary sets out to expose Crystal's infidelity in order to win Stephen back.
This dark comedy has the interesting distinction of having a cast made up entirely of woman. The men are spoken of often throughout the play, giving the impression that they are active members of the story, but are never actually seen.Rehearsals will be on Thursday evenings & Saturdays daytimes starting at the end of August. Many of these memorable roles are only featured in a scene or two, and will not require attendance at all rehearsals.
Cast List
Jane (20-30) - Mary's Maid, cute and quirky
Miss Nancy Blake (30-40) - Severe old maid
Peggy, Mrs John Day (20-30) - sweet and compassionate
Sylvia, Mrs Howard Fowler (30-40) - Backstabbing, Catty, Vicious yet charming
Edith, Mrs. Phelps Potter (20-30) - fertile but not maternal
Mary, Mrs Steven Haines (20-30) - charming leading lady, sweet, hopeless romantic
Little Mary (girl of 11) - Mary Haines daughter, feisty and outspoken, sweet at times
Miss Fordyce (20-40) - Little Mary's British Nanny
Mrs Morehead (40-60) - Mary Haines Mother
Crystal Allen (20-30) The other woman, not afraid of going after what she wants, seductive
Maggie (30-60) - Mrs Haines Cook, comedic role
Miss Timmerback (30-40) Mr Haines Secratary
Miss Watts (20-30) Notary
Olga (20-30) Gossipy nail girl
Euphie (20-30) African American salon girl
Princess Tamara (20-30) Fashion model
Lucy (30-50) Mary Haines Lady's Maid comedic role
Countess De Lage (40-60) rich, eccentric woman with many ex husbands - she is in love with Love
Miriam Adams (20-30) young, beautiful, charming and protégé of the Countess
Helen (50-60) Crystal Allen's French Maid
Also needed are 8 actresses of every shape and size for various additional roles, some
of which may be double cast. Many of these roles are gems - meaty, witty and memorable.
For more information, please contact Production Manager, Kim Lupinacci at Bright Beginnings: (845) 256-9657

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