Monday, May 04, 2009

Sound of Music - Tech Week, day 1

We had a couple people with conflicts tonight - it happens, college classes are ending soon and people have commitments. It does make it challenging to do a run through of the show. I was unaware of the conflicts so I was very suprised when I walked in and Phil, the director, asks me to play the Captain and Liesl for the evening.

I remembered most of the blocking, so most of the actors were able to interact around me - although I found it rather amusing to be standing on a bench singing "I am Sixteen" with Rolf, and later singing the "Sound of Music" with first the children, then Maria.

Tomorrow we should have everyone. Which means I can go back to my regularly scheduled role of Assistant Director and my small role in act two. Hopefully my costume will be done Wednesday for dress rehersal, but my mom only got the patern and materials Friday. She finished my blouse and I tried it on before rehersal tonight. It's pretty. The dress she'll be working on tomorrow night.

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