Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sound of Music - Performance Update

Last night the show was the best it has been so far, which was awesome considering the way it started ... We had to hold and started 15 minutes late - we had one of our cast members fall, and she was taken away by ambulance. She was in good humor, other then being in pain, but still - not the greatest way to start a show.

I felt awful, as we had to start making plans for adjustments to the show as soon as I had made the 911 call, before she even left the building. It was rough emotionally on everyone as she is one of our rays of sunshine in the cast. Everyone was so helpful - thanks to the New Paltz Police and New Paltz Rescue for their speedy response, and to all the cast members who helped with the situation. I've not yet heard how she is, so my thoughts are with her.

The show ran really well in spite of what happened. I got chills at times watching, and many of the actors did such a great job - I saw the character instead of the actor ... they became the role, no longer someone playing a role. I got chills at times - kudos to the whole cast for such a stellar performance. All of my backstage work went really smoothly, set moved properly, my dresser duties (costume changes) done with lots of time to spare, my solo was the best I've done, I think - and the night ended on a high note with a "fan club" screaming my name at curtain call .... it made me smile - thank you, I needed that.

Today is bittersweet, the end of another show - I'll miss everyone terribly, yet I'm happy to get my free time back for a while. I'm anticipating our largest audience yet today and a stellar performance.

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Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...

Sounds like a great show, despite the nasty fall. Hope your actor didn't take "Break a leg!" literally!

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