Thursday, September 04, 2008

Oh what a wonderful day!

City is Busy - Photo appearing courtesy of MookioI've been super busy. I'm sure you noticed. So I've been away from all theater related things, which makes me a little sad. But some wonderful things have been keeping me busy. Two of my friends got married - one a thespian! Where else would you hear show tunes at a wedding? (besides mine!)

My Baby is no longer a baby - she's 14 months old now and keeps us all running. I've started a new job as a webmaster for a local non-profit. (Previously, as you may recall, I was working in the online marketing industry) So I've been away and adjusting to all the changes.

But summer is over and it's time to focus again on the things that are important to me. Family. Friends. Theater. I've missed you.

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