Friday, September 05, 2008

Aspiring Thespian

I have friends who have never even considered doing theater. I know, I know ... amazing isn't it?

However one of my friends has decided I need to be his/her coach. I told my friend that I'm no expert, but would be happy to get him/her started. Since this is a covert operation I will hereafter refer to my friend as V. So V and I have started working on vocal stuff, readings, acting and theater games. I'm having a ball!

I thought that it would be an interesting glimpse into the process for those of you who may secretly harbor the fantasy of appearing on stage. (You know you want to)

So how did we start? Much like the barbershop quartet in Music Man ... Singing is speaking slow with breath control and a tone. V picked up the vocal exercises pretty quickly, well mostly. We then progressed into dramatic readings from various scripts I have hanging around. Discussing characters why they are doing what they do and saying what they say, and how to convey that through to an audience.

Then the basic terminology. Upstage, Downstage, Stage Right, Stage Left, House Right, House Left, Curtain names and purposes. An overview of the process of auditioning. Whew! AND even after all that V was a little overwhelmed but still quite enthusiastic.

We haven't yet decided on a definite "final exam" (audition) yet, but I'm guessing early 2009 or the spring. I'm looking forward to the next "class" and will give you an occasional update as we go.

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magickat said...

Hey! That sounds like a really fun journey to take with a friend. I look forward to the updates :)

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