Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Local Theater Developments

Some exciting things happening locally for theater. Two theaters are now offering on line ticketing. The Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival recently announced online ticketing, and then also the CENTER for performing arts in Rhnebeck.

I think a very good move, because people are busy and it's a real pain to try to call during certain hours and keep redialing when the number is busy.

Although I think it's a bad idea to change MORE for an online ticket, then one where you have to pay someone to answer the phone. Bad call on that one.

Ideally an organization should want to make the process of buying a ticket easier for people, especially with the arts - with so many other competing activities. Don't give your customers a reason to "forget" to order tickets. You have them right there poised to buy, and then there's a $3 online ticket buying fee. So they decide to call, because they are sick of all these added on "fees" but it's late at night. Perhaps they will remember tomorrow, but then life is full and busy.

If you have a half-filled house, you'll know why. You put barriers up and made it hard for your customers to get what they want, when they want it.

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