Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Top 10 Reasons Why Community Theater Rocks

We've been focusing on areas that need improvement in local community theater, so this week I wanted to focus on some positive areas. So here we have the top 10 reasons why community theater (in the mid Hudson valley) rocks.

10) Strong Support for the Arts - Not only for Community theater - there is a strong community support for all of the arts, music, dance, fine arts and artisan crafts in the mid Hudson valley.

9) Opportunity - Where else but community theater can your couch spend more time on stage then you do? No seriously - there is a amazing opportunity to learn, grow and gain experience as an actor, director or many of the other jobs in the theater.

8) Abundance - There is something going on almost every weekend in our local community theater. That's because we have so many different groups, venues and a great group of supporters and patrons.

7) Variety - Interested in Shakespeare? Check! Popular Broadway Musicals? Check! New plays and musicals by up-and-coming playwrights? Check! Straight Plays or Dramas? Check! From Classical to Modern and from obscure to everyone-knows-that-show, there is a huge range of variety in local community theater.

6) Fun - What is Community theater? I'd be lying if I said it wasn't work, and sometimes even hard work. But, in between the work there is a lot of fun. The inside jokes, the real drama backstage, the slip-ups and bloopers. Things you laugh about years later.

5) Friendship - Every show you do has a different dynamic, and creates a new family. In every show there is the opportunity to make new friends. Some that will be pals for the run of a show or a couple shows, or friends that will become people you talk to every day.

4) Education - Community theater gives you an opportunity to grow and learn. Want to know more about lighting, sound? There are educational classes offered by local theater groups. Acting classes for both experienced and beginners, adults and children. Theater Camps and after school programs for children and teens. There is an amazing amount of education offered locally and economically.

3) Diversity - There is an opportunity to meet and work with people of all sorts of abilities and backgrounds. From the retired Broadway gypsy or Broadway star to teachers, lawyers, retirees and youngsters. There is a lot of diversity to explore.

2) Community - There is an awesome group of dedicated members of the many local theater groups in the mid Hudson valley. People and groups who create amazing theater and create a warm, loving, nurturing group that allows you to learn and grow in your abilities, both on stage and back stage.

1) You - The people that make up community theater in this area are the number one reason that local community theater rocks. From our volunteers to our patrons the individuals that create and support the arts are the best.


Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...

Erica, Folks in community theatre have my undying appreciation for what they do. They help make their communities a much richer place.

Erica said...

I agree wholeheartedly - Community theater fills a special need and enriches the people it touches. Thanks Steve for stopping by!

Steve Martin said...


What a terrific post! It encapsulates so many of the reasons how community theater -- regardless of its location -- strengthens its communities and the lives of its volunteers.

At a time when people question the value of almost everything, it was nice to read your post. Thanks!

Steve M.

Erica said...

Theater is an escape for those of us who love it ... there is no question of it's value. All the wonderful people I wouldn't have known if not for community theater. And the stories ... the memories ... are priceless! Thanks so much for your comment.

About Bobbi C. said...

I wish our community theatre here in central TX did more new/original plays, but I still appreciate all the hours they put into entertaining folks in our area that have very few other opportunities unless we drive to nearby towns. Community theatre people rock!

bobbi c.

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