Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Creative Fundraising?

There have been all sorts of painted items auctioned off for good causes - painted statues of cows, tigers, Mickey mouse and more ... Now the stagecrafters, a community theater group in Royal Oak Michigan is getting in on the action, auctioning off painted toilet seats.

Why Toilet seats? You may ask ... well it goes well with the production they are rehearsing right now - it's Urinetown: The Musical. So they have gotten local artists in on the fun and have hand painted, decorated and bedazzled seats for the throne fit for a King or Queen. Yup, evidently the seats were decorated in a manner so that they are still functional for the winning bidders to install in their homes. To learn more about this unique fundraiser and see more of the seats up for auction visit stagecrafter's website.

What unique and zany ideas do you have for fund raising to go along with a production? I'd be interested to hear your ideas in the comments section here ... My ideas are pretty silly (so help me out!!)

Toilet Seats - Urinetown
Lingerie or Corsets - Rocky Horror Show
Cat Artwork - Cats
Shrunken Heads - South Pacific

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