Sunday, October 28, 2007

Goodnight Rocky

Both of our Saturday shows went really really well. The Midnight show was wonderful - it was my treat ... I sat in the audience and just sat back and enjoyed the show - no notebook, no note taking just enjoyment of watching, listening and adsorbing. Thanks to Gale for going as my date - maybe she'll write a review of the show.

Now for the hard part of any show, the packing up and saying goodbye. Later today we'll be striking the set and having our cast party. Despite all the drama and challenges of this show, I am going to miss it. I'm sad already, but will rest up, refocus and decide what my next theater adventure will be.

Being involved on the production side of a show has been amazing. I've learned a lot more about theater and acting - I'll try to sum it all up for you at a later date, perhaps once I've caught up on sleep and can think more clearly. I did several things for the first time in this show - made props (wedding veil and bouquet) edited and made a CD of the sound effects as well as my duties as Assistant Director.

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