Thursday, April 19, 2007

Theater & Playwrights

There's been a lot of interesting discussion today on my favorite theater blogs regarding the role and perception of the playwright. I think playwrights are incredible people who can make a story live - much like a novelist (same job different form). To read that there are instances where they are not getting the respect they deserve or worse yet are being undermined makes me very sad.

I am always interested in seeing new, fresh theater that experiments with the way we think about life and stretches the art form of the theater. I'd rather not walk out of a show saying 'Gee that looks just like a combination of and ' or find myself anticipating the storyline.

To start the discussion Mr Excitement News wrote about Richard Nelson's Address to ART/NY on April 9th. I highly recommend you read it - it gives great detail on what is wrong with the way playwrights are perceived in the theater. Then many others chimed in - in particular, I enjoyed the rant of Joshua James - Playwright As An Adult Who Can Chew Bubble Gum, Walk & Do Other Things, Too - which provides a personal side to the discussion.

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