Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Reviews of Dan Radcliffe in Equus

Well the critics have sounded off about Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter) in his first live performance on stage in the West End production of the play Equus. There have been a variety of opinions and articles on the subject of Dan performing in this show - from parents reacting with concern at the thought that he is performing nude to concern over his age appropriateness for the role (Dan is 17 and is playing the role of a disturbed teenager in the psycho-thriller). Reviews are warm but not overly enthusiastic. Honestly with the sheer number of fans and pre-sales I'm not sure that the critics will have much effect on the success of the show.

"Brilliant Radcliffe throws off Harry Potter's cloak," The Daily Telegraph said. "He is a thrilling stage actor of unexpected range and depth."

The Independent said "He cuts a compelling figure" in the role of a troubled teen who blinds six horses at the stable where he works. "But he is not that well served by the production."

"What was striking was the emergence of young Dan Radcliffe in the artistic raw, tested as an actor and found equal to the stretching role," The Daily Mail said. (more)

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