Thursday, September 14, 2006

Oliver Rehearsals update ... things coming together

Oliver rehearsals have been every night this week (except tonight - I believe scenework is being done with the principals tonight, so I got a night off)

The last few night have been amazing, the big musical numbers are almost finished being put together which is fantastic in the timeline end of things. Things are looking good - the numbers have adorable moments, especially the numbers with the kids. As everyone knows, children and animals ALWAYS win out on stage. I've been added to a few numbers which I didn't expect to be - I've missed rehearsals due to Grease and sometimes that means not being in a particular number.

I'm curious about the costumes - it sounds like they'd like the ladies to be in full corsets which will make for interesting breathing while singing and dancing. Natalie is doing the costumes, so I'm sure they'll be fantastic - she has a beautiful way of putting colors together onstage.

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kat said...

I am SO SO SO excited to see Oliver. I am really looking forward to it!

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