Sunday, September 24, 2006

Grease one more time

Today is the last performance of Grease. The show has been going well - last night I got an unexpected compliment - our usual adult Patty (only is in the first scene) wanted to see the show (her daughter is in the show) so one of the other cast member's Mom stood in for the role (and did a fine job). Anyway so I go wandering into the dressing room and our new Patty turns around and says 'Hi', and does a double take. She looks at me and says 'you're so young ....' followed by 'wow you're a really good actress.' For those of you who don't know the show - I'm playing a significantly older lady. So it's nice to hear that I'm getting the job done.

We had some excitement backstage last night as well - one of the girls had to be sewn into her dress, another went home due to as asthma attack (feel better S!) and our Vince Fontaine was delayed in getting to the theater - we weren't sure if he was going to make it in time.

This cast is so professional, and pulled together - we had two people sewing cha-cha into her dress, another girl learning to do the missing girls dance with her partner - for the school dance scene, and a third girl learning to do beauty school dropout on the opposite side so that number would look even. One of the boys was looking over the script and getting his hair grayed to play Vince. Everything worked out - we pulled it all together in the 15 minutes we had for intermission. This is what makes community theater special, all these talented people pulling together to make the show work.

See the real drama is what goes on behind the show.... that's entertainment!
To all my fellow castmates for one last time - break a leg!

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