Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hudson Valley Theater gets a Compliment

There was a nice article in the Poughkeepsie Journal yesterday - which made some interesting points. The Author encourages Audiences to be more critical and not accept performances just because they are entertained. In it he complements some of our local troupes for their talent:

" ... I love to see talent. I enjoy good talent. I have seen audiences arrested by the power of a strong actor. I have seen congregations moved by gifted singers. I have witnessed individuals captivated by paintings in an isolated corner of a gallery or museum. Talent is and always should be at the center of the arts. True talent will always entertain, but entertainment is not always generated by talent. I find my dog chasing his tail entertaining. There is no talent in his futile pursuit, but I laugh. I wouldn't say he was talented.

We here in the Hudson Valley are lucky. We do not have to travel far to see talented performers and artists, and when I say talented, I don't only mean professional.

Of course, we have the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival and Vassar College's Powerhouse Festival at the professional level, but we also have semiprofessional troupes like the County Players and the numerous efforts that have a home at the Center for Performing Arts at Rhinebeck. There is also an abundance of amateur talent in our local college and high school theater and music departments. Arlington High School has an incredible marching band."

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Thanks for the site. It's great to find a spot that compiles it all.

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