Monday, August 07, 2006

Chicago Review

I went to see Chicago at the Center for Performing Arts at Rhinebeck yesterday. It is a wonderful production with wonderful performers, sets, lighting and music. I ushered the show with two of my friends, and we all agreed that some of the casting choices were unique. Which made the show more interesting. Especially since I've seen the revival on Broadway twice, as well as the movie. My fellow usherette had seen the original on Broadway.

My absolute favorite had to be Mary Sunshine, Kevin Archambault did an awesome job with a role that I usually don't like. Elizabeth Thomas as Roxie, was an excellent, surprising, fresh take on the role. Kat Murello did a fantastic Velma, sarcastic, husky ... beautiful. Tony Moran, who as Amos, stole the show with his Mister Cellophane. The rest of the cast did a similarly fantastic job.

The Set was wonderful and the scene transitions were very quick and efficient. There were some small prop malfunctions and costume issues but that is the joy of live theater. Every performance is so very different. I will agree with other critics that, at times, the ensemble did overwhelm the small stage. There was so very much going on, that it was distracting when a scene was being played at the same time. My other complaint is there were certain scenes that were blocked so that the actor was delivering a line with their back to the audience, which means the audience really misses out on the facial inflections an actor gives their words.

Other then that, the show was well staged, and I can recommend it whole heartedly. Though I will recommend getting a seat higher up as there is so much going on, it will be easier to take it all in from a distance.

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