Thursday, August 03, 2006

Bemused, Befuddled and Bewildered

I had a pretty interesting day Tuesday, I'm still really gathering myself together from it.

Around 2PM I received a call from the Artistic Director of the Center. He's producing the upcoming CENTERstage production of Grease. He told me that they were looking for a Miss Lynch (the old maid English teacher), and asked if I was interested. I agreed to talk with the director, and she called a few minutes later.

She really wanted someone sixty. As a late twenty-something I can usually pull of 40-ish, as I did for Alma in Music Man. So she asked me to come into rehearsal and read, and we would see how it worked. So Tuesday night I went in and did the scene with the cast. I thought it went well, giving my best interpretation as a prudish older lady.

I'm playing the part. It just happened so quickly I'm a bit bemused ... Flattered, of course, that I was called. Very flattered.

So I'm jumping into rehearsals about halfway through,. 5 weeks before opening. Everyone is supposed to be off book this week, so I'm working on getting my lines memorized, and getting blocked into the scenes. It's a great character part, relatively small, maybe twenty lines and two ensemble songs over three or four scenes.

Grease will be running September 8 -24, 2006.

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kat said...

THAT IS FANTASTIC! How wonderful to be asked. And you have some great people in that cast. Brian is super. I was already planning on attending but now I am even more happy to go see it.


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