Saturday, July 01, 2006

Theatre Miscellanea

I found these posts to be interesting, but didn't really fit into any theme I was writing about.

Ball Thrown Round The World - From Buts In The Seats
"I don't know if anyone caught this Guardian article on in the last day or so. The story covers, Play on Earth, an effort by performance groups on three continents to create and interactively perform with one another with the help of technology. "

On Theater and Technology - From A Poor Player:
"One of Marshall McLuhan’s most interesting observations on media was the notion of the “rearview mirror.” The metaphor he employed was that media (and technology) acted as a rearview mirror to culture. The technology appears to be “the future,” but actually reflects to you the past. Westerns, for example, were very popular TV shows in the 1950s, and a good example of how this principle worked: a modern device depicting some version of the culture’s past. TV shows you where you’ve been, and almost never does it show you where you are or where it can take you."

On Becoming an Equity Actor and the implications of being "professional" - From A Poor Player
"A few days ago, something came in the mail for which I have been waiting 32 years. I greeted its arrival with a mix of skepticism, irony, humor and a small amount of disbelieve. It was my application to apply for membership to Actors’ Equity Association."

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