Saturday, July 15, 2006

Music Man Closing Sunday

I'm a little sad. Of course I'm always a little sad at the end of a show. Music Man has been a wonderful experience ... and we're certainly going out with a bang - We've been sold out every day this weekend. Even Thursday night which is unusual at this theater.

It's great the relationships you develop with the other cast members and the crew. Every show has a different dynamic and balance. This show is wonderful because the cast is fantastic and the crew and behind the scenes people are exceptional.

Before I become too sentimental ....

Break a leg tonight and tomorrow to all my fellow cast members!

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kat said...

I'm sorry your show is closing. It's a triumph and a sadness at the same time. Congrats on a successful run. Everyone keeps talking about how amazing it was.

And it certainly was.

Erica said...

Thanks Kat - I'm looking forward to Chicago!

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