Sunday, June 04, 2006

Props and Acting

Props, those items that actors carry around on stage. The items that actors sometimes forget where they put. The items that make the world on stage more real .... but do they make the character?

I have a favorite prop - it was a telegram. In I remember Mama every performance I would be given this telegram on stage and it would make me smile. Why did it make me smile? Well it was a recycled prop from the show I had done just a few months prior, Kiss Me Kate. I really had a good time on both shows, so the telegram was a reminder of that.

We're starting to get some props for Music Man - In one scene I'm carrying a net grocery bag. It made me think of other props in other shows. I am also faced with the question of how I will make this prop part of my life as Alma. I'm starting to discover who Alma is, but it will be interesting to see where she ends up by the time we open.

The NYTimes had this interesting article on actors and props.

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