Sunday, June 25, 2006

Music Man Load In Tonight

So we loaded in the set tonight - It is gorgeous! I mean amazing, fabulous, wonderful! It's not totally done yet - needs finishing touches, paint and whatnot - but I am very impressed. One of the most impressive sets I've seen in community theater.

We didn't have rehearsal today, but I was up early and made six chair covers for the opening train scene. So it was awesome to see what the rest of the train is going to look like when they put it together tonight.

For Load in I mostly worked on costumes - It was a flurry of brims for the band hats, take this dress strap up, see if this fits ... But it was great to be working downstairs because that's where the band was rehearsing... and boy do they sounds good. It's a seven piece band, with lots of brass.

I love this part of the process, where we add the finishing touches. Theater Magic at it's best. We open this Thursday night!

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kat said...

I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU. Tech week is such an exciting week and it really kicks off with load. And of COURSE you are working on costumes, just as I remember you to be.

I heard the backdrops are phenominal. I haven't purchased tickets yet because life is too chaotic to plan in advance right now but I might be there either Friday or (most likely) Sunday.

Can't wait!

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