Saturday, June 10, 2006

Inspiring Stories of Theater

I read a really sweet post (inspiring even) today from
The best part of the experience wasn't that I got to spend yesterday afternoon
rehearsing and acting with Cynthia Nixon and Frances McDormand. It wasn't that
later that night I actually got to act with them on stage at a reading series of
new plays in front of a sell-out audience. It wasn't the fact that I got to work
with established directors who actually knew how to talk to actors (something I
haven't seen in so long that it does seem shocking), who made the possibly
mundane reading process a visually appealing and exciting event for both the
audience and the actors involved. It wasn't even that I got back on stage for
the first time in months, just as that itch was becoming intolerable.

No, the best part of the evening ... Link

Goes to show how young people can be encouraged and inspired by the theater, no mater their age. It makes me smile because it shows how a small group of people can make a difference, maybe not a huge one, but hey - one of those kids could be the next Arthur Miller or Tennessee Williams.

Sharing and working together is a big part of community theater. I've worked backstage for a few Kids on Stage productions - the excitement and energy of the actors is so electric. Then they go and deliver their performance like pros. It reminds you to look at your life in a different way, and bring the same energy and electricity to the stage when you perform.

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