Saturday, June 17, 2006

The continuing saga of rehearsals

Today I spent most of my day at the theater in Rhinebeck for Music Man rehearsals. We ran the entire show, from start to finish for the first time. It went really well. It is starting to feel more ... real, more together. I'm pretty excited about how everything is going.

Alma (my character) is getting the feel for interacting with her "family" onstage (she just recently discovered who the real people are that make up her family). Alma has a son - Barney (sorry son!) and a husband Oliver. Barney has the habit of chuckling when his mama scolds him onstage, or when she is gushingly proud. Ah well, children!

I will be working on my "cheat sheet" for Music Man tonight. It's a single sheet of paper that shows the different scenes, songs and most importantly tells me where I need to be. When costume changes are finalized that will be added too. It's my security blanket, not something I usually need once we open, but is nice to have so I can refresh my memory.

While I was eating lunch today, I was watching the monitor downstairs - the monitor that shows what is going upstairs on stage. The cast from Chicago was rehearsing (they go up the weekend after Music Man closes) I only saw parts of All the Jazz, Cell Block Tango and All I Care About, and it is looking really good.

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