Monday, March 27, 2006

To Juliet with Love and Hope

There is a book coming out, based off of letters written to Juliet in Verona. Yes, the Juliet of Romeo & Juliet fame. There are a number of people from all over the world who write to her, and a dedicated group of volunteers who respond and find members of the community to help translate if needed. From the NYTimes.

"Dear Juliet ... You are my last hope. The woman I love more than anything
in the world has left me. ..."

"Dear Juliet, I live on the third floor. My parents don't allow my
boyfriend to come to my house. So I have to sneak him in. ..."

"Dear Juliet, my name is Riccardo. I am 10 years old." Riccardo is in
love with an older woman, 14. He saw her in Verona the summer before. Does
Juliet have news of her?

Of course all of the names were changed to protect the privacy of the writers.

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