Friday, March 03, 2006

Theater in the Black

As anyone in community theater knows, theaters struggle to make ends meet. The scary thing is that it effects Broadway shows, Touring Companies, Off-Broadway, and of course many of the local theater groups as well. What is it about theater that makes it more a labor of love than a living? I guess there's something to be said for the cliche "Starving Artist"

This article shows an actual expense sheet for a show - details about $1,000 profit a week. There's a lot easier ways of making that kind of money. Good thing we love the theater.

"Bug," the blood-drenched thriller by Tracy Letts, had all the hallmarks of a
runaway success: fawning reviews, a young, hip cast and a movie deal. Despite
running for 11 months at the Barrow Street Theater, though, the $200,000
production barely broke even, only collecting its first dollars in the black -
and there weren't many of them - in its closing weeks in January 2005.
See the rest of the Article and the example weekly financial balance sheet at the NY Times.

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